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Zoe is a yoga teacher, traveler, wild child and dreamer. Originally from Colorado, she travelled around the world on her own and picked the Pacific Northwest to settle into community and attend university.
She found yoga as a tool to cope with anxiety, and though the road to her practice was long and winding, she quickly fell in love with the freedom, presence, awareness and emotional healing yoga offered.
It was in Portland that she found her regular practice and became inspired to teach. She learned to teach yin and vinyasa from regular practice and study with her teachers Sarasvati Hewitt and Tami Apland. With their varying styles and attention to detail, she gained knowledge in the anatomy and kinesiology, functional modifications and the neuroscience of the practice.
In 2017 she received her 200 hour certification in Aruba at Island yoga with teachers Rachel Brathen and Lara Heiman. This training focused on finding one’s truth with an emphasis on anatomy and alignment. It was in training that she moved through strong emotions using practices such as Osho’s dynamic meditation, a meditation of emotional release that happens in 5 stages. The training had a unique element of Satya, a space to share truth in a safe listening environment without judgement. In training she felt the walls she built around her heart dropping and she feels called to help others do the same.
Upon finishing her business degree she plans to move abroad and continue teaching while  working her way around the world learning, growing and living.

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