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In the many years of addiction, the practices of yoga and related areas of holistic processes are what have helped me stay grounded in sobriety. I have always felt an estrangment in traditional recovery paradigms. However some of the friends I have meet in 12- step based programs along the way that gave me support for my pursuit of a holistic recovery were tremendously helpful.

I have been a long term student of yoga, eastern spirituality and alternative systems of health. I have also worked as a licensed nurse, from methadone clinics to psychiatric hospitals to nursing homes.Seeing both sides of the equation from the realms of disease within conventional medicine vs. people staying healthy or getting back to staying heathy using alternative holistic systems, ie, mind, body, spirit.

My ongoing passion are finding pathways to bridge the ecology of healing addition and health in general, using yoga, breath, relaxation, meditation, nutrition, community and open heartful dialogues.  In a vision to create intrinsic space in which we can support each other in getting as potentially as healthy as possible on all levels.

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