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Heidi McKenna is an intuitive healer and yogi.  She had the great fortune of spending much of her childhood and young adult years traveling internationally, living abroad, and eventually pursuing a graduate degree in Ethnomusicology where she played Javanese Gamelan, and studied Eastern philosophy and Religion. Although grateful for these experiences, she recognized a deeper longing running through her every day experience.  This longing resulted in an exploration that would eventually reveal her true self.
Self-inquiry has been at the heart of Heidi's journey. She began her yoga practice in earnest as an undergraduate in Portland, Oregon, cultivating her understanding of the meaning of existence, happiness and the human experience.
She has taken and taught numerable teacher trainings and workshops, and has had the great fortune to have practiced and studied with some of our generations most renowned teachers, including Anna Forrest and Paul Grilley, and Surya and Tias Little.
For 20 years, Heidi has devoted her life to both her yoga and meditation practices. Having taught locally and internationally, for over 15 years, she guides others in living fully.  Her classes and sessions integrate her clients' self-inquiry and life experiences, supporting each person in their path to inner joy and freedom.

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