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I began practicing yoga in 2012 at a hot yoga studio in Columbia, South Carolina. I did not enjoy the practice at first and often left classes frustrated. As time went on, and my practice became more consistent, I noticed that I met each day with greater resilience and patience than my past-self had. I was determined to gain a deeper understanding of the force evoking positive shifts in the way I show up in the world and in 2015, completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Breathe of Life Yoga in Crete, Greece.

The experience changed my life forever. I learned that meditation, pranayama (breath work), chanting, laughter and nutritious local foods are the best medicine. The training taught me the importance of prioritizing a lifestyle integrated with connection, awareness and a determination to consistently strive to be the most kind and inspiring version of myself.

A few months later, I moved to Portland for Naturopathic Medical school and found my home away from home at Yoga on Yamhill. The studio supported me through some of the most difficult transitions of my life, which was only made possible by its donation-based payment structure.


Today I am honored to be a facilitator of accessible yoga. My intention is for others to find the same peace I have at this special studio. When I am not practicing yoga, I enjoy being with friends, running/biking, hanging out with trees or sipping on tea with a book.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions or have a chat after class, I would love to meet you!

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