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Yoga with Perumal: Transformative Classes at Yoga on Yamhill

About Perumal

Perumal's journey into yoga began in Los Angeles, where he initially trained as a Kung-Fu student and later started teaching group classes. With a decade of martial arts experience, he discovered the healing and spiritual benefits of yoga, which led him to become a yoga instructor. Over the past 20 years, Perumal has gained significant recognition for his unique teaching methods through European seminars, journals, and retreats, particularly during his time in England, Italy, and Morocco.

Teaching Philosophy

Perumal's yoga instruction is deeply rooted in his martial arts background, particularly the philosophy of Bruce Lee, which emphasizes formlessness and adaptability. This approach allows him to tailor yoga sequences to meet the individual needs of his students. His teaching philosophy aligns with that of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, often considered the father of modern yoga, who advocated for personalized and adaptable yoga practices.

Class Highlights

  • Martial Arts Influence: Incorporates principles from Kung-Fu, enhancing the physical and mental aspects of yoga.

  • Formlessness and Versatility: Adopts a flexible approach to yoga, creating sequences that adapt to the specific needs of each student.

  • Preventive Focus: Emphasizes techniques and practices designed to prevent injuries and promote overall well-being.

  • Recognition and Experience: Over 20 years of teaching experience, with notable recognition in European yoga communities.

  • Join Perumal at Yoga on Yamhill to experience a transformative yoga practice that integrates the wisdom of martial arts with the healing power of yoga.

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