I am so grateful for yoga in my life and love sharing it with people!  I dabbled in yoga during college but quickly lost interest because I just wasn’t ready to have my eyes opened to a different way of looking at the body, mind, and spirit.  Many years later I came to the mat again, this time ready to learn, grow, and use the practice of yoga as an introspective journey.  This is when I absolutely lit up and found this deep love of yoga that has carried me through many years and keeps me coming back to my mat.  I found inspiring teachers along the way, and in 2018 I decided it was time to take a step to fulfill my dream of sharing practice with others.  I completed my RYS-200 training, studying Vinyasa/Hatha.  Becoming a teacher has deepened my awareness that I will ALWAYS be a student of yoga.  The learning never ends.  I want to create this sense of curiosity and “beginner’s mind” in my classes, through a dynamic, breath-centered flow.  Let’s learn and grow together, and have fun in the process!

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