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Eliza is a native Oregonian and a product of alternative education. During her junior and high school years, she relished her time as an athlete, a way to release active energy while also being a part of her peer group. In college in Los Angeles, she continued team sport; yet, once out of college, there was an impetus on her mind to continue being active, yet in a sustainable and mindful way. Unfortunately, basketball and team sport was not able to meet deeper needs for her body, soul and spirit.  


In her 20s, she sought out ways to connect more with her physical body and the energy and movement that was available to her.  Throughout those years, she found many forms of movement- through dance primarily - but also running and competing in triathlons. Still there was something missing from the puzzle.  In 2006, she was introduced to Bikram's style of yoga by a colleague while working at OHSU, and thus began her yoga journey. Feeling free and at home in her body, she began to understand the importance of meditation, movement and mindfulness on the mat, and most importantly discovered the power of the Life Force, Prana, the Breath.  


Her excitement and hope grew, as she began to experience the power of the breath to transform the body.  What she thought was not possible for her limbs, was indeed possible! Those early revelations during shavasanas and yoga flows were profound soul moments forever etched in her memory.  She started to discover her body anew, and the joy and glow upon her countenance became noticeable to her friends and family. It was evident to her that developing a life-long practice of the arts of yoga was paramount to her health and wellbeing, not just physically but spiritually as well.


In 2018 while in a Yin class on a cold November eve in 2017 at YOY, in the Frog pose! - she had a soul revelation that if she were ever to teach yoga, she would teach the Yin style. Yin's feminine qualities had a huge impact on her soul, and from that class forward she was open to the idea of teaching. She knew from her own life story and experience, that Yin style of yoga would be profoundly healing and transformative and regenerative for anyone and everyone.    Eight months later, she completed the inaugural YOY Yin training with Paul Terrell and has now been teaching for one year. 


Forever thankful for her temple body, her instrument given her so graciously,  she continues to practice yoga and meditation in Portland, as well as other forms of movement like dance and sport. Her heart's delight is in moving and discovering her body anew each new day. 


In your breath, therein lies your power. 

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