I started practicing yoga eight years ago to help balance an overly stressful job in advertising. For me that 60 minutes, twice a week, was my excuse to leave work on time and take my mind off my to-do list for an evening. To begin with I went for the physical benefits, releasing my desk-bound shoulders and energising my inactive body, but I soon realised that the mental benefits were of equal, if not greater, value. I knew I had to help others find the same release and restoration yoga gave me so in July 2019 I completed my 200hr Power Vinyasa Teacher Training with Yoyo Yogi in Portland, OR.

My style is energetic, conversational, passionate and fun. I love to bring my own life-learnings to the class to bring my students both the mental and the physical aspects of the practice. I want everyone to enjoy their practice and leave refreshed, restored and ready to tackle whatever the rest of their day entails.

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