Carla Cavenago-Salazar, Seva Ardas Kaur, discovered the practice of Kundalini Yoga in 2007, and earned her Level One KRI certification in 2018 with NW Training team that include Viriam Singh Khalsa, MA, Dr. Hari Dass Singh Khalsa, Ajeet Kaur and Simrat Kaur.  Seva Ardas discovered Kundalini Yoga at a time of great turmoil in her life and found “it really works.”  Seva Ardas has enjoyed a consistent and devoted Kundalini Yoga practice since 2007. Grounded in her years of personal practice, Seva Ardas’ call to teach was born out of a spirit of service and inspired by her own life journey.  Seva Ardas teaches from a place of humility, invites students to connect with the Teacher within themselves and experience their own inherent wisdom. 
In addition to teaching yoga, Carla is an Author (Journey to Divine Feminine), and a Finance Executive in the music industry here in Portland.  In the fast-paced corporate world, Carla found that these yoga tools can help relieve stress, anxiety, and find peace of mind.
Sat Nam

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